Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello all,

I've been putting off writing a post about where I'm at right now for a while. Perhaps it's because I don't want to think about it or perhaps it's because I already think about it too much. Either way, time to let everyone know what's going on with me.

Camp ended a few weeks ago. It was a really fun last few weeks AND a super fun end of year party at the beach with my new friends. I'm excited to have a new group of people that I know that are in Burlington. I remember thinking in the beginning of the summer that I wasn't sure what my purpose was a camp. Each group of kids came and went so quickly, and the interactions we had with them were so different from what I was used to working at Spectrum. It wasn't until probably 3 or 4 weeks into the summer that I realized that my job, for all intents and purposes, was to have fun and play. These kids didn't need people prying into their lives, making them feel different, or trying to "help them" (unless they asked for it). They wanted a place to get outside and have fun with friends for a week. Once I realized that, working at camp was much easier.

Since then, I've been able to think back and realize the value of my job with DREAM. I gained a new experience of working at a camp and living in the woods. I also worked more in depth with children then I really ever have outside of swimming lessons and coaching. I've learned about a new organization, a new population, and new people and ideas. I don't think I really thought too much about working with DREAM when I accepted the job (other than making the decision between Camp DREAM and another camp) and was mostly trying to make sure I had a job and could stay in VT, but now I'm really glad I made that choice and I definitely came out of the season with valuable skills and experience.

So what now? Well I'm back at home working at the pool for a few more weeks. It's not ideal but it's money and it's easy and I don't really mind doing it for only a few weeks. I'm (still) waiting to hear from NCCC about placement. At this point it really seems debatable to me whether I will hear from them at all. That's the thing. There's no point (until the session starts) that applicants hear "no". We just sit around and wait until the last possible point. That way if/when we don't get randomly selected by the computer based on nothing more than luck of the draw (while other people that may be less qualified or have only been waiting for a month or so) we have passed up job options, living space opportunities, and a whole slew of other things. AND that's my rant about's getting to me a little bit, clearly.

Meanwhile I'm just hanging out? I just got a new gym membership that I'm SO excited about, because I figure I'll be really bored if I don't have exercising to do. I'm continuing to look into and think about backup plans (which are seeming more and more important) but it's really hard to commit to even looking (let alone actually commit to a job or a place to live) when nothing is for sure.

So, long story short, I'm in a big limbo right now. I'm just spending my time working, working out, and driving lots of other places. I was in Mass the past few weeks hanging out with friends (saying goodbye to Megan as she heads to Alaska, seeing Josh one more time before I don't for a while since he lives in DC, hearing about where everyone is going and moving and such). This weekend I'm heading up to a friend's camp in VT, then Erick's beach house for labor day.

So that's where I'm at and (kinda) where I'm going. Hope to check in soon!