Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Travels

Ok friends,

So I’ve been a busy busy bee since I left Kansas a bit ago.  Let’s try for a recap on transition week and what’s going on with me right now.

Well, transition week was fun and fabulous.  We returned to campus and took park in: a gallon challenge (I won, though Arthur DID drink higher % milk than me…), the Ameri-lympics, talent show and superlative awards (best BDU butt right here), the banquet and awards ceremony (where I also won an award and was so surprised and flattered), and lots of good times.  We spent out time enjoying our last week together, enjoying Denver, and packing (yuck).  Luckily for me, I was allowed to leave LOTS of stuff in storage for next term.

Speaking of that, I got so excited for my TL term (even though of course we’re all nervous).  We had a few times where the future TLs got to get together (for work and play) and it was nice to just see who everyone was and get some words of wisdom from staff and from our TLs.  It’s going to be a whole new ballgame, complete with its own challenges, but it’s also going to be a whole new level of fun and learning, both during work and not. 

But let’s not rush my return to NCCC life.  I’m currently enjoying Boston (Harvard Square, to be exact) while I take some time to visit friends I haven’t seen in much too long.  I surprised Erick last week with an early arrival in Burlington and then we spent the weekend in CT at his beach house with his family.  I’m always so happy to go there.  There’s no cell service or TV or internet and it’s a perfect break from everything.  It’s time to just relax, eat good food (lobster, yum!) and enjoy good company, all with the ocean right now the street.  Man I missed the ocean.  Land locked states…rough. 

Now I’m here in Boston after spending last night visiting with Maggie.  It was so great to see her and we had to much to chat about.  I’m getting some alone time now (I’m getting better at that) and then meeting a bunch of friends for dinner tonight.

What’s so weird to me these days is that when I see my friends, it’s often for just a quick, one-day visit.  I guess that’s how it works when you all live far apart and not in the same city, but I think it’s a post-grad shock I’m just now getting to and that my residential college past didn’t prepare me for the separation troubles. 

Of course I’m excited to be back with my NCCC people, both TLs and those moving to Denver, but it’s nice to see my other friends too.  I can have visitors this year, so I’m extending an open invite to everyone to visit me whenever (though checking to make sure I’m living in Denver is probably a good first step, we know how I move around). 

I think that’s enough of an update for now.  I hope to be blogging regularly from my road trip with Erick, and I’ll try to get our plans up on here before we leave.  No promises, of course, I’m busy living the adventure!

Until then!