Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Adventures Continue

Hello all,

I won’t start with an apology for my lack of posting (only because I always do, not because I shouldn’t).  So, let’s jump right into it shall we.

Obviously I’ve been back in Denver for quite some time now (about 3 weeks almost).  My road trip was a ton of fun and, despite some rain, sleeping in the car, and a few rough accommodations, Erick and I had a great time driving almost completely across the country.  We listened to good music, explored cool places, and ate AMAZING food. 

If I had to pick a place to say was our favorite, Memphis would have to be it.  We loved being able to walk around the street with our drinks, listening to music flowing out from inside everywhere.  We saw Graceland, checked out the Lorraine motel, and stood in the spot where Elvis recorded his first song (yes, the exact spot!).  And the food was the best part.  We had classic Memphis dry rub at the Rendezvous Restaurant and by far the best fried chicken and biscuits I’ve ever had at a place called Uncle Lou’s fried chicken near Graceland.  Both were found on the food network website and I’m so glad we checked them out.

Getting back to Denver was really exciting, though I can’t say TLT has been super thrilling.  It’s a lot of sitting in the classroom and watching Power Points, which of course we all need to do to get brought up to speed.  Still, we’ve had lots of time for bonding and such and I’m really looking forward to this year (even if I am nervous every other minute).  Some of the trainings are more interesting than others, but we press on.

It’s one more week and a long weekend until the Corps Members come and CTI starts.  I can’t believe TLT went by so quickly.  I’m looking forward to finally being thrown into the work we will actually be doing for the rest of the year.  The project docket comes out on Wednesday and the lottery is Thursday…talk about soon.  I’ll need to keep mu project secret from the CMs so don’t expect it to be posted up here (or anywhere) until I get my permanent team in a few weeks. 

I think that’s all of an update I’ll do for now.  It’s one big push of getting read for CMs and making sure all of our ducks are in a row before everything scatters and we start from scratch again.  Exciting.

Stay tuned (maybe photos soon?),