Monday, July 16, 2012

Leaving Kansas and the Biggest Sky...

That's right everyone!

It's finally time for Fire Two to leave Kansas and head on back to Denver for a final week of meetings, packing, friends, closing up, and fun!

Things have been much better here lately.  It could be because we're all excited to go back to Denver and then to graduate (and I'm excited for a break and to see family and friends).  Whatever it is, I'm loving it and I'm really enjoying this final time with my Fire Two family.

We've closed up all our loose odds and ends on the property, finished nature camp with a bang by having a big party/bbq/field day (complete with dish soap slip and slide), and had some final meetings with site supervisors.  My team activity was today and we did some team building activities on the ropes course followed by one of my favorite group closing activities.  Tomorrow we head to the course for some high ropes elements, followed by a lunch with staff, cleaning, packing, team dinner, and a quick trip to the store for some spike travel food.

We found out today that (due to hotels being full and us being SO close to Denver) that we got approval to drive a little further than in normally allowed so that we'll get back into Denver in 1 day.  So by Wednesday night I'll be back on campus in my "own bed" and can see some people I've really been missing!.

Thursday should hold some fun team time and a team dinner, and Friday there are some meetings before the weekend.  The transition week schedule has lots of fun things lined up and I'm planning on a post covering them when they're over.

For now, it's cleaning and packing for me as I get excited to finish this AmeriCorps NCCC adventure, take a little break, and start another year as TL.

Check back later for a Denver recap.

Shine On,