Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With a cherry on top

Hello everyone!

So I know I promised a post on desserts at SMC, and I will give that to you at the end of this post (I'll try to keep this away from novel status). Little did I know that since my last post there would be so much fun stuff to talk about.

Last Friday the MLK society held their annual talent show. It's one of the most popular events on campus, and for good reason. Everyone that performs is so incredible. Mairead mentions the talent show in her latest post, and she was in it! Along with her Irish dancing there was some dancing (hip hop and even belly dancing!), singing, and instrument playing, including tap guitar and the accordion. It was a lot of fun and had a HUGE turnout.

So Saturday was a big tradition here at SMC called P-Day. It stands for preparation day, as in prep for finals and the last week of school, but really it's just a day full of fun. The school provides tons of delicious free food from local restaurants, fun inflatables like an obstacle course and slip and slide, and music in the background. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day (as it has been here for the last few days, I'm talking 80s) and the day couldn't have been more perfect. Here's some pictures of both P-Day and what campus looks like when the sun returns:

my friends and I outside for P-Day and Erick beating me on one of the inflatables

some friends playing "hillbilly golf", which they made, and campus in the spring (with a class outside)

NOW on to the dessert. I've wanting to post about dessert for a while now, but my life is obviously just too interesting to take a break from sharing it (sarcasm). When looking at colleges, at some point or another everyone always asks how the food is. We get that question in emails, virtual open houses, and on tours. The food here is great and there really are a lot of options for everyone, but the thing is, nobody ever asks how the dessert is! For me, dessert is a big part of a meal; it's the treat at the end, and here at SMC we've got TONS of delicious desserts. So, I'm going to share with you a few of my favorites.

Soft Serve: Who doesn't love a classic soft serve ice cream cone on the go? We have our very own soft serve machine (vanilla, chocolate, and mix) as well as cones and sprinkles to top of your treat. You can eat it here or take it outside on a beautiful day like today.

PB Surprise: This is a creation of our own. I do not claim credit for this treat but I have taught a lot of people to make it. Basically you get a drinking cup, fill it with your favorite ice cream (soft serve works best,) add peanut butter, a small bit of milk to help stirring, and mix. You can also add chocolate sauce, sprinkles, or whatever else you want. Get creative! Either way, ice cream and peanut butter is a perfect mix.

Birthday Cake: Every month SMC has a huge birthday cake for all the students born in that month. It's a really good cake, with colorful frosting and decorations that say "'Happy Birthday...students" depending on the month. The cake is sectioned into chocolate, vanilla, and both, so everyone gets what they want. It's really nice to know you're going to get cake for your birthday, no matter what, and I think the birthday cake is another great way SMC makes you feel at home.

Oreo Surprise: This is a crowd favorite, though I always seem to get too much and feel super full after eating it. It's s standard Oreo pudding dessert made of Oreos and vanilla pudding and I don't know what else. Basically it's delicious.

Bananas Foster: Last but not least, a surprising mention. Most people wouldn't expect this on here, but it comes with a little story. Every so often SMC has theme dinner, like Caribbean or southern or something. We also have theme dessert nights where chefs make something special (last week was French desserts like eclairs). A few times a year one of the desserts is a bananas foster, which is made with bananas, caramel, and rum to crystallize the caramel. It's served hot over ice cream and is just about the best thing ever!

We've also got: muffins, cookies, cakes, apple crisp, strawberry shortcake, hard serve ice cream, rice crispy treats, banana splits, and whatever else you can come up with from that! So if you're a decided senior get pumped for next year, if you're a prospective junior you should make a date to come try our desserts (and check out campus of course), and for anyone else, you should probably be jealous? Haha just kidding but seriously. So next time you're at a school, hopefully here, don't just ask about the food, ask "How's the dessert?"

TTFN, ta ta for now


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

week in review?

Hey everyone,

So for today I'll just give a run-through of the most exciting parts of my life for the last week, since being back from break. Sorry I've been missing throughout last week, but on top of classes and work here's why:

Wednesday the honors programs hosted the second annual "are you smarter than an SMC student." The activity is modeled off the popular TV show, and SMC professors are the contestants, with students volunteering to help them out. They have to answer questions in various categories that an SMC student is supposed to know, such as math, science, language, art, and SMC culture. They have the standard cheats: peek, copy, and save, as well as an ask a friend pass. So despite the high education level of our professors, none of them can ever seem to make it through this challenge (collecting prizes along the way), but this year one did. It was a funny thing to watch and it's cool to see professors outside of the classroom.

Thursday the team headed over to a dinner at coach's house for the evening. We had delicious food, said goodbye to our seniors, got some awards, and found out who are new captains are. I'm definitely excited for next year, even though I'll miss the first half. I already can't wait to reuknight with the team in Florida over winter break. The best part about the dinner is that the captains give each swimmer a paper plate award, which is just a silly award written on a paper plate. This year I got the "what's your beef?" award, because I complain a lot haha.

Friday I gave my very first tour by myself in the afternoon, it was really exciting for me obviously. Then that night LUPE FIASCO came to play for our spring concert. Reese has a pic of him up on her blog. Needless to say that was a lot of fun too.

Saturday was the second (and final) accepted students open house (so I hope if you're an accepted student reading this that you came!) I didn't get up quite as early as I did for the last open house, but I was up and ready to go to give the 9:30 tours. My friend Kaitlyn, who had also given her first solo tour Friday, and I decided to give a group tour, since the groups were very big. That was definitely a fun time too, since I LOVE talking to accepted/prospective students...and anyone really, I love to talk. After that I went to brunch and met with a prospective swimmer, who we just found out is coming to SMC next fall so I'm super excited!!!! My friend Megan also had friends visiting this past weekend, so we went downtown for a bit, came back here and napped/watched wall-e, and then had a fun night together.

Sunday was the kick off for earth week, which is this week. There was music and some speakers out on the library lawn, as well as activities including painting flowerpots (my roommate Sarah made one for me) and tye-dye. There was also free food, which we all love. I had a study abroad meeting as well, and got a ton of helpful information about that.

Monday was Erick (the boyfriend's) birthday, so we went out for dinner to the Vermont Pub and Brewery, which is always delicious. Then we came back and had a pinata (from his parents) and cake (that I baked with love obviously). That was a good time too.

I'll skip yesterday because I literally did nothing, and here we are at Wednesday. So hopefully some part of that peaked everyone's interest. I've got to get back to my studying. BUT...stay tuned for the next post, in which I will be talking about all of the delicious dessert options available in Alliot, the dining hall.

Until then.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's like I never left

Hey everybody!

So we’re back on campus again for good until the semester is over and summertime comes. That means there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up, so keep checking back for the latest update on what’s happening on campus.

After I returned from my 5 hour journey and brought everything back to my room, I was walking down the hall before dinner when I got hit with an idea/feeling. As I walked down the hall like I do so many times a day, I realized that I felt as if I had never left campus.

I’m not saying I never left in a bad way, like I was back too soon. What I mean is that no matter how long I’m away from Saint Mike’s, I always feel right at home and normal again when I return, whether it be a long weekend swim meet or winter break between semesters.

As I prepare for study abroad, I’ve probably got about a handful of reasons why sometimes I don’t want to go to Italy at all. Most importantly, I don’t want to miss the things that happen here on campus. I wish I could just freeze time, go to Italy, and come back to start up with everyone else. Of course, I can’t do that, and I’m SUPER excited to get to study abroad. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m so lucky to have.

I guess what I’m really trying to say in this extremely vague and nostalgic post is that SMC really has become my home and my comfort zone (aside from the pool) and that I know that no matter how long I am away in the future (a semester abroad or 10 years before my reunion) I will always feel at home here when I return. I know the admissions department at every college, especially here, plays up the community aspect of the school, and that’s a HUGE reason why I love it here too, but I think being able to feel like this is your home is one of, if not the, most important things about choosing a college. Just walking down the hallway in Founder’s Hall has opened my eyes to what Saint Mike’s has really become for me, and that’s a more than just a home away from home, but a true second home.

stay tuned.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A very Jersey Easter vacation

Greetings from the great state of New Jersey (I think so at least),

I was driving to a friend's last night and realized how much I really do love being here. Not necessarily at home and away from SMC (though I do love being home) but just in New Jersey in general. I like the surroundings and the cars and roads and familiar things. Maybe it's just the familiarity, I'm not sure, but I sure to enjoy being here anyway.

So tomorrow is Easter, I'm going to mass and then visiting some family for the day, standard. I've been doing alot of sleeping and not too much else while home. I've seen a few friends and such of course, gone to lunch with my brother, and have actually been doing a good amount of schoolwork (gotta get it done anyway)

Only a few more weeks of school left when we return. In the upcoming week I've got the end of the year bbq at coach's house, Lupe Fiasco concert at school (with swim recruits staying for the night), accepted students open house number 2, and whatever other adventures I decide to go on. I'm sure I'll update you on all of those, probably with pictures or video, asap.

In other news, my dad and I booked my flight for Italy last night! It was so excitinggggg!!! So it's officially official that I'm really going haha. Anyway that was probably the highlight of my week.

Hopefully when we get back to school it'll be sunshiney and warmer. It rained all last week and we're getting a bit tired of it...and soggy. Aaaaanyway that's all I've got to say for now. Remember, and questions, comments, criticisms, or concerns are welcome here or by email at camoresano@smcvt.edu

Until later!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hey everyone!

I'm just popping in really quick for a few things. First of all THANK YOU all so much for visiting my blog and clicking on my scholarship link these past few weeks. I've been moved into the top 20 blogs based on popularity, so now the judges will be looking at what I actually wrote and I'll find out in a few weeks if I won or not. Fingers crossed.

Another reminder, there's THE LAST VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE tonight from 7-9. You can stop in for the whole two hours, or just two minutes. Definitely come by, ask some questions or just hear our answers to other peoples questions, and see what we have to say. Just visit http://www.smcvt.edu/openhouse/ to get started. Hope to "see" you there!

That's all from me for right now. It's an absolutely gorgeous day on campus today, sandwiched right in between all the rain. I just finished my homework so I'm going outside to enjoy it. Byee!