Saturday, April 11, 2009

A very Jersey Easter vacation

Greetings from the great state of New Jersey (I think so at least),

I was driving to a friend's last night and realized how much I really do love being here. Not necessarily at home and away from SMC (though I do love being home) but just in New Jersey in general. I like the surroundings and the cars and roads and familiar things. Maybe it's just the familiarity, I'm not sure, but I sure to enjoy being here anyway.

So tomorrow is Easter, I'm going to mass and then visiting some family for the day, standard. I've been doing alot of sleeping and not too much else while home. I've seen a few friends and such of course, gone to lunch with my brother, and have actually been doing a good amount of schoolwork (gotta get it done anyway)

Only a few more weeks of school left when we return. In the upcoming week I've got the end of the year bbq at coach's house, Lupe Fiasco concert at school (with swim recruits staying for the night), accepted students open house number 2, and whatever other adventures I decide to go on. I'm sure I'll update you on all of those, probably with pictures or video, asap.

In other news, my dad and I booked my flight for Italy last night! It was so excitinggggg!!! So it's officially official that I'm really going haha. Anyway that was probably the highlight of my week.

Hopefully when we get back to school it'll be sunshiney and warmer. It rained all last week and we're getting a bit tired of it...and soggy. Aaaaanyway that's all I've got to say for now. Remember, and questions, comments, criticisms, or concerns are welcome here or by email at

Until later!

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