Saturday, June 6, 2009

summer summer summertime

Well hello summer readers!

I’ve been super super busy with everything in my life. After seeing on Twitter that smc admissions posted our most recent blog posts, I realized I should probably check back in with everyone (and do a re-vamp of my page, since everyone could use a change). So I’ve made some changes by swapping out my flower header to the Florence skyline, which I’ll get to look at every night while I’m abroad. I also changed some colors so I’ve got the Italian red and green, and of course the SMC purple. Hope you like it. Reese’s page is awesome right now too, so everyone should go check that out, ESPECIALLY the incoming class of 2013 because she’s got a great new post for you guys.

So I’m still in the process of finding my voice out here in the blog world, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with my more recent posts, so let’s hope that continues. My friend Aly from work (blog Little Biddy Big City) is one of the most hysterical people I know, and she’s got a great voice of her own (singing and on her blog) so I’m trying to get some inspiration from her.

So far I’ve got a few big things on my plate:
- Study Abroad Plans
- Getting a Visa
- Coaching the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Team
- Staying in shape

Study abroad plans are going pretty well. I’m getting really excited and just working on getting all the paperwork into API and everything. Bought a new duffel bag the other day for my traveling while I’m away, and am looking into a webcam so I can skype with everyone back home, plus a phone so I can call people too.

Getting a study Visa is probably one of the hardest and more time consuming parts of going abroad. I have a long list of documents and paperwork I need to have and bring with me to my appointment in NYC when I go, so getting all of that together (plus copies of everything) has taken up a lot of my time

This summer I’m sure I’ll also be updating about my adventures as the new head coach of the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Team: new league, new coach, new adventures hahaha. So that’ll be interesting, so say the least.

And, as the athlete I am, I’m trying really hard to stay in shape. I’m back to swimming with my team here, CAT, but for the next 2 weeks our schedules don’t work out, so I’ll be out of the water. However, I just started this new class at the gym called Body Pump and I LOVE it, so that’ll keep me going until I get back in the water, and for the rest of the summer.

Other than that I’m painting my room? It’s about halfway done but it’s a slow and steady process since I’m so busy, so I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I update more often than not, since I love letting everyone know what’s going on in my life. So remember, check back often and continue to follow me as I prepare for Italy and then fly across the Atlantic for the semester!

Until next time

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