Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm baaaack

Hey all,
I'm sorry I didn't update right when I returned from my AMAZING fall break, but things have been hectic with getting back into the flow of classes. Just as an example, I woke up 5 minutes before Italian on Tuesday and completely slept through it yesterday all because my phone thought it was December. Let's not get ahead of ourselves hmm? Though to the tell truth I was pretty ready to come home right after my break. I mean what else is there for me to do after I've toured Europe right? WRONG. Before we continue, here's a little list of the treats yet to come.

1. Austria - we're tripping over there next weekend
2. ROMA - finally getting down to Rome with API
3. My Family! - yup, the fam is coming for Thanksgiving break to watch me in the...
4. Marathon - this is peak week of training and I'm running 20 miles tomorrow
5. Germany - for the Munich Christmas markets
6. Lots of treats and class trips in between...who knows

Anyway, about fall break. There's obviously A LOT to cover. So, my idea is to cover one country (or city) every other day so it's not too much to read but it doesn't take 2 weeks to talk about (though I could go on and on about it if I wanted to). In each post there will of course be photo slides shows and everyone's favorite, videos! Actually I don't know if everyone else likes them, I just know my friends Liz and Erica from over here LOVE watching me film them, and making fun of me. Speaking of Liz, she's a lot more on the ball than I am, and already has posts and such up from fall break. Check her out too: A Broad Abroad. Additionally, for a look back onto campus, you can always check back with the SMC bloggers, like my dearly missed friend and teammate Mairead (officially going to Ireland for the Spring semester).

As soon as I get my photos up and running on facebook and flikr, and my videos on youtube, the posts will being (hopefully tomorrow, but I AM running 20 miles, so we'll see). So keep checking back and as always, questions about Italy, study abroad, other countries I've seen, swimming, running, SMC, etc etc etc are loved and appreciated.


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