Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What ever happened to my lunchbox?

Hey all,

Just starting us off with a John Mayer song lyric there from "83", a song about growing older. I guess that's fitting since as of last Thursday (I refused to accept this until the class of 2010 was graduated) my friends and I are all officially SMC seniors. I know it's cliche to ask where the time went but it's crazy to think of how fast our last 3 years have gone (though they may have seemed painfully slow at some points).

I apologize for the lack of re-cap these past few weeks, but with finals it was tough to keep in touch. After finals I stuck around with a bunch of other friends to work "Senior Week," a week of fun and tom-foolery for the graduating class. We volunteered to help run buses, set up for events, grill, and supervise the week, as well as help out at graduation. I'm so proud of my graduating seniors, especially my close friends, teammates, and bloggers Dustin and Reese :].

Here's a few of my lovely friends:

So I'm home now for one short week (though I'm super bored so it's a bit of a long week now) before I return to school for the summer. I'll be taking up residence in Joyce hall, a first-year building in the quad where I have not had the privilege of sleeping yet before. I'll be interning in the admissions office and I'm sure I'll be updating you on my Burlington adventures all summer long.
MEANWHILE, for all you members of the Class of 2014 who made the SMC decision on May 1st, congrats! We're looking forward to having you. SO, if you (or your parents) have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask us in a variety of ways:
or by email (
AND remember to keep checking in with our other pages such as Flikr, YouTube, and Facebook
Check back with you soon!

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