Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I heard that Vermont is freezing year-round. How do students deal with the cold?

First of all, Vermont is NOT freezing year-round. I've lived here in all 4 seasons and they are just like most of New England, for the most part.

Yes, our winters are a bit colder, but it always depends on the year and month. February is usually the coldest, but two years ago we have record lows in January and last year February was abnormally warm. It also snowed last May. It's not cold all the time, just a bit unpredictable. And we grow to love it.

Besides acceptance, everyone here basically stocks up on hot chocolate mix and invests in a good winter coat and some warm snow boots. We can NOT wear Uggs year round (though some people try and end up with some ruined boots).

We love the cold and the snow, for the most part, otherwise we wouldn't be here. While I agree that snow in May is ridiculous, I also enjoy a good snowball fight, day on the slopes, and live-in igloo to which pizza can be dleivered (yes, it happened).

What do you want to know about SMC?

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