Thursday, March 31, 2011

Questions, Questions, Questions

So I recently received a list of questions from Prospective SMC Students. I'm hoping these answers are helpful, and I'll try to point everyone in the direction the who can help if not! And remember to always click around our website for a lot more on this information.

1. Are there any major preparatory requirements for your college besides completing high school and making a down payment?

I'm not positive what this question is asking? To be accepted as a student at SMC, there's a lot that's important. You need to be a solid student, taking a challenging range of courses, with an extracurricular program that shows you have a commitment to something. Leadership roles are also important. Of course, this is extremely general and everyone is different. The best way to find out if you're a fit for SMC is to come to campus and visit us, take a tour, meet with a counselor, and maybe attend some classes with a student.

2. Does your school offer used textbooks for sale or offer some form of textbook rental?

You can buy textbooks used from the bookstore when they are available. When they're not, there's a good change you can rent a new book for a cheaper price (buy you can't write in it). I personally always cross check the bookstore prices with Amazon and buy from where each book is cheapest.

3. Will students get a list of required textbooks ahead of time / before the start of the fall semester?

Students can find a book list for each class on the bookstore website a few weeks before each semester starts. You also have the option of sending your class list to the bookstore for a book pre-order, and they will be waiting for you when you get to school.

4. What amenities do dorm rooms have (e.g. bed, desk, air conditioning, personal bathroom, etc.)

All dorm rooms come with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser for each student in the room (2). Each hallway has a bathroom, so that's 8 bathrooms per building, each with 4 or 5 toilets and showers. The dorms are not air conditioned (it's not warm enough here for long enough, and a fan with an open window does the trick). There's also ample closet and storage space, as far as I'm concerned (and I have A LOT of stuff)

5. If anything within the dorm rooms becomes damaged that is property of the school, does the school assume payment of fixing / replacing the damaged item?

This really depends on how the damage occurs, what is damaged, and if a work order is placed. If you punch out a screen and never put a work order in, you will be charged for it. Usually damage that constitutes as "general wear and tear" is not charged for, but considerable damage is the responsibility of the residents of the room.

6. When do freshmen move in / unload their belongings into the dorms?

First years move in on the Thursday before classes start for their 4 day orientation. Upperclass O-leaders are there to help unload everyones car and ease the stress of move in too!

7. Are roommates assigned? Does the option exist to pick a roommate, such as a friend from the same high school who will be attending?

You may pick a roommate only if you both put each other on your housing papers. Personally, I don't recommend this, as going to college is a great time to meet new people and if you live apart from your current friends, they can make friends and so can you, and then you can all be friends! Roommates are assigned based on forms that each student fills out based on things like: bed time, wake-up time, music taste, messy vs clean, sport, etc.

8. Does the school offer long-term storage of personal belongings, such as during summer break, or are students required to empty their dorms during extended periods of time? Similarly, do dorms close down during breaks?

As far as I know, there are no storage set ups for students. However, many people leave things in personal storage units that they rent. Dorms close during Christmas and Spring break to all students, as well, of course, during the summer.

9. Does the school offer any computer labs or a means for students to print documents for classes?

We have 9 computer labs on campus, and at least as many printers (probably more) on a network system so you can print to a waiting list and pick up your document anywhere. All printing is free for students and can be accessed through personal laptops as well.

10. Does the school offer laundry facilities? Is there an additional cost?

There is laundry in every dorm, each suite building, and every townhouse area. Washers and dryers are $1.25 each.

11. If a student has more than one AP Credit for courses in the same area, such as two English language credits or two social credits, can both be used?

Again, I'm not sure what this question is asking? If you are saying you have taken both AP English tests and gotten a high enough score to earn credits here (usually a 4 or 5) on both of them, then of course you can use the credits. You might only be able to place out of one requirement (English, in this case) but you will still receive credits for both.

12. Do students have access to the internet in their dorms for personal use?

Campus is 100% wireless

13. Does being accepted into our desired major(s) guarantee us enrollment in all courses necessary to complete a four-year undergraduate study? By this, we mean to ask that if we are pursuing a major - biology in my case - will other core requirements resolve themselves, or are we left to "pick and choose" other courses?

This is a little confusing the way you're asking. You don't need to be accepted into a major here, you just declare the major and then work to complete the requirements in your 4 years. This means you are responsible for taking all courses to graduate with that major AND all LSR (core) courses as well. You may choose when it comes to an elective major or core requirement, but some are set in stone that you must take.

14. If for any reason myself or a friend I know of is caught with another student who is making illegal, unsavory, or otherwise detrimental decisions, am I or my friend guilty by association? Will I or that friend have the chance to present our case before a board or panel?

This is tricky. For the most part yes, you would be guilty by association. You name will be taken down and you would get set up to meet with somebody in student life/disciplinary. Then you would have the opportunity to explain the situation, and consequences would follow from there.

I hope these were helpful. See you soon!


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