Monday, June 20, 2011

Now What?

Hello All!

It's finally here, my first post as an SMC alum. It's truly been forever since I updated everyone on the happenings of my final weeks at SMC and what I have been doing since then, and for that I am sorry. However, I hope to give a solid recap right now and prepare you all for reading about another summer of fun in Burlington.

First of all, finals week, senior week, and graduation came and went WAY too fast, but were so much fun. The weather was gorgeous, I was finished by Tuesday of finals week with my paper, and couldn't wait to start relaxing and having fun with my friends and classmates (with some packing in between).

Senior Week (a week on campus just for graduating seniors, faculty, and some awesome helpers) kicked off with a class meeting and a BBQ thrown by the president. We all received our senior week t shirts and sunglasses too! Later Thursday night we took to the bowling alley for some awesome galactic bowling. On Friday, SMC brought beer and food our way and we spent an absolutely beautiful day outside together. Saturday was a faculty reception and a nighttime boat cruise on Lake Champlain. While it was a little rainy, we made the best of it. Each night, the activities were also followed by some fun and dancing in a big tent, which was obviously awesome. Sunday was Baccalaureate, and then Graduation on Monday came and went so fast. Here's some photos of the week's events:

Before all of this fun started, the Athletics Department also hosted it's annual Block M Awards Dinner where seniors and other athletes are recognized for their accomplishments throughout the years or that year. A few friends and I were lucky enough to be named award winners! I received the Victor LeMeiux Award for Loyalty and Leadership, and you can check out all of the award winners here. Here's a photo of Natalie, Sarah, and I after the dinner:

I also remembered I never posted about P-Day (this post is struggling to stay short). How can I sum this up...awesome? The comedian was funny, the weather was AMAZING, our jerseys rocked, and I had a perfect final P-Day with my friends. I also got a tattoo the day before!!!! So crazy. Can you guess what it says? If you guessed "you risk tears if you let yourself be tamed" then you're right! It's on my ribcage and I absolutely LOVE it.

On graduation day, we all gathered later in the evening at a friend's house for some food, drinks, and celebration

After graduation (literally, a day after I got home) I headed down to Florida with 9 of my friends for a week of sun and post-grad fun at Disney, Universal, and poolside at the house we rented. It was some much needed R and R.

I then worked MDW at my old job to make some money to put away, watched my sister graduate high school (she's heading off to Clemson in the fall) and took ANOTHER trip to Florida with my family. Yes, my post-grad life has been awfully stressful :]

BUT now I'm back up here in the gorgeous Burlington, VT and have finished my week of Orientation/Training for my new summer job: Waterfront Manager at Camp DREAM in Fletcher, VT. The DREAM program works with kids from low income housing communities in VT, and Camp is a place of those kids to spend a week of their summers. The staff is really cool, young, and full of fun and exciting ideas. I'm really looking forward to the first session starting tomorrow. To keep this short, I'll hold off on all the details about camp until next week.

So, for now this is the "now what?" and the rest is to be seen. I promise to update more often now that I'm settled, check back next weekend!


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