Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Quick Update from the Mountains

Hey all,

So my brain is in no way prepared to write a real post, but I feel I have been neglecting you for far too long, so I'm going to improvise with a bulleted list of things that have happened/important facts to know.

1. We leave in a week from today to return to Denver, and I head home a week from Saturday. I'm quite excited for a much needed break from work and time for my family and to see Erick.

2. We're all SO ready to go to Arizona because we got a huge dumping of snow last week and were snowed in with cabin fever for nearly a week.

3. When we did decide to venture out into town (to an ISP near Boulder sorting clothing for a really cool organization called A Precious Child) we ended up getting stuck on the way up the mountain to come home, walked in the freezing (I'm talking negatives here) temperatures 1-2 miles to town, got stranded at the only establishment in Jamestown (the Merc...good food though) for a bit, and finally made it back home (but we left the truck on the mountain)

4. Today I hauled full trees in knee deep snow to help out the contracted forestry guys fall 1000 trees in 5 extreme

5. We're all looking forward to a full weekend (aside from 3 hours of ISP Sunday morning) to relax and do whatever we want in Boulder. For me, shopping! The REI garage sale is on Saturday and I'm going to scope out some new snow boots as well as winter gloves because some kid stole mine this week.

6. I'm really excited to get home for the holidays (did I say that already?)

That's it from me. Catch up soon!


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