Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Big House

Hello friends,

I’m sorry it’s taken me FOREVER to write this first post from Casa Grande. I won’t get into excuses about not having the internet or my fingers being so sore to type or any number of true things I could use as reason for not updating.

Here I am, 2 ½ weeks into the trail building in Casa Grande. The blisters on my feet have turned to calluses, the strip of skin below my fingers is starting to become rough, my skin is tan and always dirty, all of my clothing smells like dust. But, I no longer wake up with sore fingers (for the most part), and eating fairly well, writing lots of letters (hurray for successful resolutions!), and building LOTS of trail.

In fact, Fire 2 completed its first full trail today and we have moved on to re-routing another nearby trail. We walked the whole trail after work today and I was so excited to see how far we have come so far and how well we have done. It really is a nice trail and a lot of people (those we know and those we don’t know) have stopped to thank us for our work.

Speaking of that, the community here is absolutely amazing. Everyone we meet is looking for a way to help us out and make our time here more fun. We are constantly given free treats and a lot of recommendations for things to do while we’re here. So far in the plans for me are a few trips to Phoenix (one this weekend and another to run a 5K through the zoo with some teammates), a Grand Canyon trip to see my parents, and a visit from Erick!

I’m going to try and be better about updating (as usual) because I don’t want to overwhelm each post with info but also don’t want to leave too much out. BUT this is all for now, thanks for checking in.


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