Friday, March 9, 2012

America, Bikes, Canyons, Denver

Ok, so America is a bit of a stretch, but we do get things done for America anyway...

I don’t want to write too much here and have it all get lost in the shuffle, but I thought I’d post a quick update while I can (since I won’t have internet very often on my next project). I’m getting SO pumped for this round. We leave on Monday for spike (Grand Canyon Trust!!!) and get to Marble Canyon, AZ (30 minutes from our housing) on Tuesday afternoon sometime. We’ve gotten some pretty good info about the project since we’ve been back in Denver. The team will be in cabins for the first few weeks, working a changing schedule that’s 7-8 days on and then 3-4 days off. Starting at the end of March (right before my birthday) we’ll begin our backpacking section of the project. Once a week we will be trying to get to town (which is 1 hour 15 minutes away and is in Utah!) to do laundry, get food, and have some cell and internet access. I’m apprehensive about so much…the team, the project, the conditions…but I’m also extremely excited for this incredible adventure. I’ll try to take lots and lots of photos and post them here when I can!

Second big thing I wanted to do was tell everyone about my friend Andrew Lassiter. He rocks. Legit. And starting in May he is biking 4,300 miles, from Charleston to Santa Cruz, to spread the word about affordable housing and build homes along the way. His group of 27 riders is one of 8 “Bike and Build” groups participating. He’s an amazing guy and this is a great cause, so I want to ask everyone that can to HELP HIM OUT! Every dollar donated funds a mile of his trip, which is so amazing. To donate, visit his blog at and click the donate button at the top. To learn more about Bike and Build, the other teams, and his bike route, check out

Please please support Andrew, he’s the greatest! That’s all from me, look for an update next time I get cell service!


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