Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Virtual Open House

Hiiiii everyone,

So almost another week down since the last time I wrote, and tomorrow’s Thursday which means one more day until Friday! Oh yay.

Since the housing meeting I have acquired a place to live when I return to campus in the spring, as well as a basic knowledge of who my roommates will be, and I am quite satisfied. These things always work out fine, even when we all stress about them for a while.

In swimming news, 18 days remain. 5 of racing. 2 of those are coming up this Friday and Saturday when we head down to MIT for an invitational with a bunch of teams. I’m excited for another sleep over meet, and for some home cooked dinner on Saturday night at one of the girl’s houses. We’ll return back to campus after that, so we’ll probably get in late and head right to bed. Therefore Sunday will either be spent on homework or sleep mostly, I’ve got to catch up on both.

The main purpose of today’s entry is to tell everyone about the Virtual Open House tomorrow night from 7-9. I’m sure all you accepted students have already been notified about it, so this is me telling you too check it out! Basically you log on and chat with us (the bloggers) and other accepted students about anything and everything you could ask us about Saint Mike’s. You can also chat with us 1 on 1 with specific questions you want answered. Everyone should swing by the chat room for a little and check it out!

I’ve been really productive today, so I’m going to get back to my work before getting to bed, but I’ll check back soon, probably after the weekend. Keep it real.


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