Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The countdown continues

Hiiiii everyone!

So it’s been a little longer than I’d like but, not to sound like a broken record, I’m super busy with everything I’ve got going on this summer. But in fun SMC news, POW was AMAZING! I had an absolutely awesome time with some fellow classmates, while getting to meet a few incredible members of the incoming class of 2013. There are pictures too! I also had a great time spending a few extra days on campus with my boyfriend and friends who are living there. I really want to live up by school next summer, because they seem like they’re having the best summer ever.

here's the whole group, my small group, and the team.

Other than that I’ve been doing the same old: coaching (we won our first meet!), working, and prepping for ITALY!! It’s about 40 something days left I think, and I’m getting nervous. But my friend Megan is already abroad in South Africa and is having an amazing time, so that makes me feel better about my worries. Check her blog out: Megan in South Africa. I had a little trouble with a course cancellation recently, but it all worked out and other than having to take philosophy at SMC now, I’ve got an even better schedule than last time (classes between 8am Tuesday and 9am Thursday only!)

Recently a few other bloggers put out some posts about what to bring and what not to bring to college. I suppose I can give my 2 cents to that as well, though it might be a little redundant.

1. The first thing I suggest is to talk to your roommate about what I consider the 4 main appliances of a dorm room: fridge, printer, tv, and microwave. While a lot of students don’t have their own printer or don’t use it anymore, I still have mine and love not having to walk to the library every time I need to print something. That said, I type study guides and retype notes all the time, so I’m always printing and being able to right there in my room, but it’s totally a personal preference. Ink and paper does get expensive after a while. Whatever you do, remember to recycle your paper after!

2. Shoes. As a girl I obviously have a lot of shoes, but I really do recommend one of each kind: flip flops, sneakers, snow boots, and dress shoes. Having a shoe for any weather from the 75 degree September afternoons to the snowy November days is obviously necessary.

3. 2 sets of sheets, at least. I’ve heard a lot of future freshmen talking about having only one set of sheets and I’m telling you, this is a mistake. You may think you’ll just remove your sheets, do your laundry, and put them back on, but who has that kind of time? Having 2 sets will ensure that if your laundry doesn’t get folded before bed time (mine barely ever did) that you still have clean sheets to sleep on. Also, YOU DON’T NEED FLANNEL SHEETS. I know it’s cold in VT, but it is anything but in the dorm rooms. You’ll just be really warm with flannel.

4. Desk lamp, mirror, and alarm clock. All tiny but important essentials for daily college living.

5. Hot Pot. My roommate had one of these and I only had the tall water boiler, and she was definitely better off. I could make hot chocolate and tea, but she could make ramen, pasta, cream of wheat, and even jello. It’s easy to clean and plugs right into the outlets. Seriously, get one!

6. While you’re at it, a Brita was my best purchase for sophomore year. I saved money on water bottles and always had cold water to drink. There’s nothing wrong with the tap, if you like that too!

7. Storage containers. Even if you don’t use them, you can never have too many, because if you’re like me and you have a lot of stuff, you’ll need somewhere to put it. Containers for your closet that hold shoes and clothes horizontally are awesome too.

8. Don’t buy food until you get on campus. It takes up space and will be in the way while you unpack. Once you’re settled in, there will be time to head to the grocery store and by then you’ll have space in your room for treats.

9. Remember that there’s a break in October and another for Thanksgiving, so you don’t need to bring EVERYTHING with you in one shot. You can swap out warmer weather clothes for the colder weather stuff in November, so your room isn’t too full, but neither are your suitcases. Whatever you do, don’t wind up with 30 pairs of pants at the end of the year. I did that, no lie.

Hope this helps. I’ll check back with everyone as the countdown to Italy continues.


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Alex said...

Hey Christine thanks for the comment! Italy sounds so exciting! I want to read about everything!

And too true on everything you wrote about what to bring - I'd also mention equipment if they play sports or want to go to Smugs ^.^. If your lucky to have a single you won't have a problem but a double might get crowded with loads of equipment.

Have a great rest of the summer! Good luck in Italy!