Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slow and Steady

Hey everyone,

I know this doesn't count as a post, but I wanted to update everyone quickly. I got my computer back today with nothing on it at all...including Microsoft Office. So I'm working on getting it back up and running with everything I need but I'm not sure how long it'll take. Be patient and hopefully I can come back with some lovely blogs when its all over.

Meanwhile, I'll be staying on campus for this long 4 day weekend (though I do miss home) because of swimming. So, perhaps by the time everyone returns on Tuesday I'll be back to my normal, computer-savy life. Fingers crossed.

Just wanted to throw a quick update in there so everyone doesn't think I dropped off the planet. Oh and current SMC students, go to and read about the new 3-4-5 contest for students. First prize is $500 so you know you want to.

K bye!

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