Friday, February 26, 2010

Did you know that when it snows...

Hello all!

It seems like we've got a little catching up to do now that I've gotten my life back in order (sorry for the last post, it was a bit depressing haha). Swimming has ended, which I can't believe. Having just a half season really made it fly by. We had championships last weekend and I'm so proud of how everyone did. There were so many best times and I think we broke over 10 records as a team. Both the women and men placed 6th out of 22 and 15 respectively, so that's really awesome for us! Now that the season is over we're all enjoying a little extra free time and we're also back to teaching swim lessons for a few weeks, but that's pretty fun.

In other news, we got dumped on with a ton of snow two days ago. The weather, however, has been crazy here (it's doing a number on my allergies) and it's all melting in the 35+ "heat wave" and campus is really puddle-y and muddy now. BUT when there was all that snow on the ground SMC students got out and had a good time. Check out our Flikr page soon for some pics of the snow. Also check there a little later for some photo updates from out abroad bloggers around the world.

This week has been so busy and I'm glad I have a little weekend time to wind down. I banged out a midterm this morning and now I'm just relaxing a little before I go over to admissions to help hold interviews for new Tour Guides. This is the second step in the process after applications and by next week we should have a new group of fun, excited students ready to learn how to be SMC TGs!

Things that are coming up (aka look for posts/pictures):
Friday Knight Dry (tonight!)
Burlington Mardi Gras Parade (tomorrow)
I'm going on LEAP! (next weekend)
Room selection (oh boyyyy)

That's it for now. And prospective students, remember to check out all of our blogs, photos, videos, facebook pages, and twitter pages!

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