Monday, April 5, 2010

There's no place like home

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to check back in now that I've returned to campus after a lovely weekend at home with my family and friends. I hadn't been home since Christmas break, and even then I was only there for about 10 days (a few of those without luggage). I also hadn't seen my brother since December because I returned from training trip the day he left.

Thursday after class I got a ride down to Skidmore with a friend and spent the night with my brother there. We got dinner in their dining hall (they call it d-hall and it was delicious), did some work in the library, and then I met a ton of his friends. It was really nice to stay there and for the two of us to spend some time together, especially since he is always out with his friends once we get home.

Our mom picked us up on Friday and drove us back home. It was my sister's birthday so a few of us went to see "The Last Song". It was surprisingly good, though quite a tear jerker. After the movie we went home and colored Easter eggs. We got this really cool tye-dye Easter egg kit and they came out so pretty, I wish I had pictures. Oh and Mary Rose got her license this morning in case you were wondering...yay.

Saturday I got up at what I thought was the early time of 10:00 ish and headed with my dad to the DMV to get my big kid 21 year old license. Well, long story short there was a line out the door and we almost didn't get in, but my dad stuck it out and about 2 hours later I had a brand new horizontal facing license! Later that day I visited with some of my guy friends and we got some lunch at a great restaurant that serves all its drinks in huge mason jars. I obviously loved my giant jar of unsweetened iced tea, the key to my heart. Later that night my family and I went to dinner to celebrate the birthday's of the women in the family all together. I went right from there to go visit with my girl friends from high school for a few hours, and came home exhausted after that.

Easter Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast and candy, went to church, and headed over to my aunt's house to visit with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a nice day and I ate WAY to much food and dessert. This morning I got up early to go to Target with my mom to get some stuff before I left. I have the family mini van up here with me now until the end of the semester (and I even got a parking space!) so that's pretty nice. It was a gorgeous day for a drive and I picked a friend up in Albany so it didn't seem nearly as long as usual.

So, here I am back at SMC. The weather is gorgeous and so I need to get my work done as soon as I can so that I can spend as much time outside as possible (SMC students LOVE being outside). I've got class registration this week too, so I'll let you know how it goes. Swim lessons are also ending, I'm giving a presentation in Italian, there's a Blogger Chat on Thursday, and this Saturday is the first of two Accepted Student Open Houses where I'll be running around doing a little of everything. If you're coming up, safe drive and I can't wait to see you here! (look for me!) and if not (or even if so) come chat it up with us on Thursday night!



Liz said...

you WOULD cry during the last song....

John said...

Have you started the car since you have been back?