Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's New at SMC

Hey all,

So there's been a TON of stuff going on here on campus these past few weeks, and I was really busy this weekend. Saturday was the first of two Accepted Students Open Houses here on campus (This coming Saturday is the next one!) I was busy with the other coordinators, admissions people, and tour guides for a large majority of the day meeting students and helping out where I was needed. It was a crazy day but it was a lot of fun, and I LOVE meeting accepted students and helping them with their college decisions. Here's some photos from the day on Flikr.

Later that day I went to the a'capella show which featured all three of our SMC a'capella groups: Mike Check, the all male group, Sleepless Knights, the co-ed group, and the newly formed all female group, The A'caBellas. Right after that I went over to the Dean's List dinner for the poster presentations and then out to dinner downtown at Leunig's with Erick and his parents...delish. On Sunday a few of us spent the day looking at apartments and doing homework, so that was a good way to recover after a long Saturday.

Last night was a really great speaker event on campus: Rachel's Challenge. It is put on by the father a Rachel Scott, the first person to be killed in the Columbine High School Tragedy. The presentation was really moving and the gym was packed with students. Here's a few photos from this event on Flikr as well.

There have also been a lot of big moves academically here at SMC. We've got a new major: Environmental Studies (Environmental Science is also a major, and Environmental studies has a minor as well). Psychology is also going to be a minor now. AND we have a new language for next year: Mandarin Chinese. Check out our majors and minors list (not yet updated) for all of the other options we have already in place.

Two other big pieces of news. One, SMC is now SAT optional for all classes starting with current HS juniors. Here are two stories on that from SMC and the Burlington Free Press. ALSO, we've announced a program working with the the Albany College of Pharmacy (similar to our cooperations with UVM and Clarkson for engineering student). Check out the stories from SMC and the Burlington Free Press.

I think that's all for now. The week continues to be busy and I'll be out taking more photos this weekend as well. Check back soon!


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Jim said...

Congratulations on being named to the All Northeast-10 All Academic first team for swimming.