Monday, February 28, 2011


No, my post title is not the number of days left of school until graduation (sadly that is fewer than 50 at this point). It's the number of laps in the 1650 yard freestyle, also known as "the mile," which is the longest race you can swim at a swim meet. Not only do I swim this lovely event, but it was also the last event of my swimming career. Yup, I was in the pool for the longest I could have been (but luckily not as long as the last time i swam the event).

And so comes the first of the big "endings" of this year, aside from the end of Fall semester. It was definitely weird to have swimming be over, especially since there was another session of the meet after I was finished. However, it was so exciting to watch the team swim fast and improve so much during each session. Cheering for the final races of my fellow seniors was great (and also emotional). We have all been members of the team for all 4 years, stuck through the hard times (especially this year, with a change in coaching) and have made it through.

It's been nice to have the break from swimming (though I get pretty antsy if I don't exercise) and we'll all be back together at the pool soon for the start of Alumni Swim Lessons, where we get to teach the children of alumni and faculty/staff. It's a way for us to give back and earn some money for the team.

I'm trying to get the best use out of my extra hours in the day (though they're not really extra anymore, they've been filled in). My schedule is SUPER crazy this week, so I'm not sure when I'll update next, but I will soon (with pictures from my Ice Climbing adventure on Sunday). Here's some photos from Swim Championships:

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