Friday, October 17, 2008

one's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party

Happy Friday everyone!

Sorry for the random title, I was having writer's block for a creative one. So I told you all last time I had tons to talk about and it’s true! First of all, I went home and surprised my family over the long weekend. For those who don’t remember, home for me is New Jersey. It was really nice to spend time with my family, especially my brother and sister, and to have my mom do my laundry and cook good food for me :]. The weather was gorgeous and I had a really good time at home, especially sleeping and doing nothing in an attempt to cure my cold, which I still have.

When I returned on Tuesday I was really excited to go to a special even at UVM (the University of Vermont, which is down the street.) I went to see Frank, the founder of PostSecret, speak about how he got started, details of the project, and some of the secrets he’s received over the years. It was a really enjoyable experience and if anyone is interested in PostSecret and he’s coming to a school near you, I definitely recommend it. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, PostSecret is a community art project where people send in their secrets to Frank on postcards (or whatever else they want really). The process of sending the secrets helps give a person closure, just to know that one person knows the secret. Frank introduces himself by saying that he collects secrets, and has been called the most trusted man in America. Here’s the website, for those who want to take a look. New secrets are posted every Sunday and I’m a regular visitor.

Wednesday was back to classes (though I only had one because my other two were cancelled). After class and lunch I had a meeting with the woman in charge of study abroad here at Saint Mike’s. I plan to study in Florence, Italy next fall and need to get on top of the long process of applying and such. I got a bunch of books with information on programs (there’s so many, I don’t know how I’m going to pick!), and a packet with all the information I need to apply and get letters written for me. The study abroad opportunities here at SMC are phenomenal; students can go just about ANYWHERE, as I think I’ve already said. Anyway, if anyone is wondering about that I’d be happy to say more of what I know.

Yesterday was free burritos at boloco! So obviously after practice some of the girls and I headed downtown for our free food. We waited on a line that went out the door and down the block, but soon enough we had delicious burritos. After that we hit up Charlotte Russe because we heard about a rack for shirts for 99 cents! Needless to say we made out like bandits and returned home.

Today I had another meeting. This was with Dr. O., the new professor here in charge of the Observatory across the street. Not very many people get to use the observatory, and I wanted to change that, or at least get a chance to use it for myself. He took us over there and showed us around and said he’s going to let us know when he starts taking classes out there. He said about once a week so that’s really exciting, I’m pumped.

Tonight is also Friday Knight Dry. It’s an activity on campus we had last spring and again tonight. The idea is to have a ton of fun without the use of alcohol (hence the Dry part) There’s a bunch of activities all over campus and you win FKD money (monopoly money) for participating and doing well. Its stuff like guitar hero tournaments, ddr, poker, shaving cream slip and slide, mini golf, and so much more. Then at 10:30 there’s an auction where you use the money you won to bid on really cool prizes. The best thing to do is to pool together with your friends for something big. Last year a group of my friends won a lounge chair! Anyway then after that is Midknight Madness, the SMC take on the traditional first basketball practice/pep rally that most colleges do. I won’t be able to attend because I’ll be in bed resting up for our inter-squad swim meet that’s tomorrow morning (half the team against the other half, for fun and times) but I’m sure it will be fun.

So, like I said, a lot going on this week and especially tonight. Hope everything is going well for everyone, time for me to go get ready for the evening (and warm up, it’s getting chilly!) As always, emails and comments are fabulous, keep them coming.

Have a good weekend!


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giveee me yoo burritooss

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Do NOT forget to VOTE on Tuesday.

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3 is a 3some