Thursday, October 9, 2008

tylenol cold and I are in a serious relationship

Hey everyone.

Almost as promised, I have some pictures for everyone. They’re more of what fabulous things I get to look at as I make my way through SMC every day than just scenery (The view across the street or on the lawn, for example). So, I hope you enjoy those. Before that, a few other notes:

I’ve finally fallen victim to the common cold here on campus, and am suffering through this illness with the help of frequent naps, Tylenol cold, and lots of tea. So if I don’t come back to life for a little longer than usual, I’m sorry about that and will definitely catch back up with everyone about whatever I do over this coming long weekend.

Also, to the person who left me a comment about the swim team, I promise I will dedicate my next post to that, unless you’d like to leave me an email address and you and I can chat one on one. Whichever is fine, as I’m sure there are other potential swimmers, or at least potential SMC athletes, out there who can benefit from a public post.

Some big news, or at least I thought so, came from my dad this week. He informed me that a high school friend of his and active alum here at SMC reads the musings of my daily life as a student. That’s pretty exciting for me, especially since she says she’s got a bunch of other alumni following my page as well. So shout out to Mel (or Mrs. Hannigan, if you require more propriety) and all the other former students tuned in to my life. I’m super excited to have you all reading. Maybe we should set up a correspondence and get some “guest-posts” going later in the year. I’m all for it.

Anyway so here’s those pictures:

here's the walk to the pool I make every day. These trees are usually some of the first to change
this is the view from outside of my dorm, Founders Hall. It's a lot prettier in person, so you should all probably come visit and check it out for yourselves.
Here's a shot of the path and lawn leading to the library in the distance. Still looks pretty green.
I even have a gorgeous view from my 10:30 classroom.
This is a quick shot of my room in Founders. Two of us live here, we just can't get our futon to come out of bed mode? It's a nice big room and Sarah and I love it!

Here's our pride and joy, our picture wall. With the help of friends we got our picture boards up and they look really great.

OK everyone! That's all for now. Thanks for checking in and keep reading. As always, comment or email me anything at all at

Stay healthy,


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Anonymous said...

Hey Christine,

Call me Mel (short for Mellen)-- that way if anyone from wbitd (way back in the day) reads they'll know who I am.

Hope you feel better soon. Keep the blogs coming. I'll get some of the gang to comment so you know we're really out here.

Good luck with classes and with scoring tickets to the next Barefoot Truth show!