Sunday, October 5, 2008

when all else fails...procrastinate

So I’ve been working on a paper for my fiction class all day now, and it’s coming a long slow and steady, but I figured I’d take a little time aside to write a post. That way at least I don’t feel like a total failure at writing as a whole. So this will probably be posted after I do finish my paper, but as of now it’s still a work in progress.

Meanwhile, nothing too exciting has been going on around here. Week two of swimming finished and I was slightly less sore and exhausted than the first, so that’s always a plus. Went to mass tonight, like every Sunday. I sing in the choir this year and I really really love it. I’m just very glad to do something that’s not swimming related and this fits perfectly into my schedule. Just goes to show that even if you play a sport here, there’s plenty of time for other activities. My roommate Sarah runs cross country and can do virtually any activity she wants.

Speaking of Sarah, she’s got her first tour coming up on Tuesday (she’s a new tour guide) so good luck to her! There were tons of tours on campus today. They came through the library while my teammates and I chained ourselves to the tables to do our various assignments. This is a busy week at SMC for a lot of students. It’s near mid-term time and with a long weekend coming up, so professors are having assignments due before we all miss classes for 2 days and forget everything they’ve taught us. Not my favorite tactic but it probably helps.

While chatting with my mom earlier, she mentioned that none of us have talked about attending any SMC sporting events yet. For me, swim practice is going on during a lot of the events, like soccer games and such. In our defense, some of the team and I did stop by the men’s rugby game against Middlebury Saturday, after lifting at the gym. Rugby is a crazy sport to watch, and it’s nice to get some little taste of a football-esque sport since I truly miss it. (Notre Dame won again this week btw!)

It’s been really beautiful up here lately and was nice to be outside Saturday at that game. It’s getting chilly but I absolutely love it. Fall is coming in nicely and the view from the lawn across the street has changed from a bright green landscape to the vibrant colors of the turning leaves. I heard it’s snowed a few times way up in the mountains. That can take its time coming down here though. I’m going to try to get some pictures or a video up here soon so everyone can appreciate the scenery.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll hopefully have an update sometime mid-week on how the busy week is going. Meanwhile, keep the comments coming. And for those of you brave enough, you can put your names on them so you’re not some anonymous mystery, though I’m sure I could guess who a few are from.

Back to my paper,


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me more about the swim team. I will be applying to SMC and am very interested in swimming. Since its DII, what were the tryouts like and when were they when you were senior...when you came to SMC in the fall, or before that. Thanks -

Anonymous said...

you can never fail at procrastination