Thursday, December 25, 2008

Greetings from New Jersey

Hello everyone,

Yes, I am writing you from my lovely home in NJ. No, I don't want you to make fun of me for living here, or to feel bad for me, I love it here. Merry Christmas by the way! Hope Santa was good to everyone, I know I must have been good this year because I got some great stuff.

But we all know it's not about the stuff, and so do I. I've been having an amazing time with my family and friends I don't get to see often. I've had two yankee swaps, baked 60 cookies, visited relatives, seen a movie, shoveled lots of snow, and of course done some swimming.

Speaking of swimming, we leave for training trip in Florida on Sunday. We're there until the 5th of January (we celebrate New Years together) and go back to school the 6th to train more until classes start the next week. Florida is so much fun, and even though we swim twice as much as usual and we're sore and tired, it's an amazing bonding experience for us as a team. I'm super excited.

Anyway that's all I've got tonight. Hopefully I'll update after Florida when we're back at school to let you all know I survived and am ready for spring semester (grades were good by the way :]). Until then, stay warm?


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