Monday, January 5, 2009

19 hours in Jersey

Hey hey hey,

So sorry I didn't get a chance to update from Florida, we were obviously really busy and tired. It was an amazing time though! The weather was beautiful every day, which was a great improvement from last year when it was super cold. Everyone worked really hard and we're all proud of each otherand how we did. The trip is a huge bonding experience and we're definately closer as a team after it. We trained twice a day for almost all of the days (two practices off, one for dryland and one for a team activity). Other than that we spent our time on the beach, sleeping, eating, or lying at the hotel pool or in the hottub. We had dinner as a team a few times and spent alot of time together...well, all of our time technically. We go back up to school tomorrow to train doubles for the rest of the week, have a meet on saturday, rest on sunday, and then the semester starts.

Spring semester at SMC is great. Don't get me wrong, it's cold for most of the spring, but once it warms up and everyone can sit outside, it's so relaxing and nice. By that time swimming is over and we all have alot more free time to do work and relax. I'm excited for the start of another semester, but bummed that I won't be home again until March (we have a february long weekend but we have to stay up this year for swimming). Obviously keep reading for updates on the spring semester and all the lovely treats that come along with it. See ya.


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