Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's vacation time :]

Hey everyone!

So first thing I want to say, which is VERY IMPORTANT: the post before this is entered into a scholarship contest and between the 18th and the 31st everyone needs to scroll to it and click the link at the end of it. This will show the traffic to this blog (it won't count if you don't click). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with this. Tell your friends.

Moving on, this week has been so hectic. But before we get into that let's discuss the weekend, which was anything but. I did alot of my work ahead of time last week so I could use this weekend to just hang out and relax, and that's just what I did. The weather on Sunday was beautiful and so some friends and I went across the street and down into the trails in the woods by the river. We did this thing called geocaching that I had never heard of. I definately suggest you guys check it out and try it if you have time. It was really cool and really fun. Basically you find te GSP coordinates of a "geocache" and you find it. It's a box with things inside and people do like a take-one-and-leave-one type of thing. I'm glad I found out about it and only wish I remembered my camera to take pictures of how pretty and nice it was out there. Next time! (the weather is back to chilly now but it's been getting warmer and we're all itching for full fledged spring time)

Also on Sunday a majority of campus picked housing. The process is difficult to explain in full detail, but basically this year everyone got assigned a lottery number electronically based on class year. Then depending on the day of the housing you want (4 person housing like townhouses and apartments as well as 8 person suites went Sunday) you go, wait in line until your number can go, and then pick where you're going to live. Alot of people don't get their first choices but we can't please everyone. No worries though, everyone has somewhere to live and I know they'll end up loving it. Since I'm going abroad I didn't get a number and didn't have to pick housing, but my roommate Sarah did (I'm moving in when she moves out to go abroad in the spring) and we got a suite in Pontigny Hall, which is awesome. The suite is 8 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a common room. The building also has a kitchen and study lounge on each floor and big common room for the whole building, as well as laundry and vending. Needless to say we're all excited to move up from the dorms.

In other news, spring break starts tomorrow! So we on campus know that means LOTS of work this week so we don't have to do anything over break. It's also right around mid-semester so alot of papers and exams are happening. I had a busy day yesterday but I got to relax today (Sarah and I watched Nick and Norah's infinite playlist from my netflix). Tomorrow I've got one more test and then I'm good to go until we come back.

In addition to my work, I've been pretty busy with other stuff on campus. I got accepted to be a tour guide, so I've got to shadow some tours in the next few weeks to see how it's done. I also just got ALOT of information from API for study abroad regarding how to get a student VISA (it's crazy stuff). **I'm also on twitter now too, so you can check that out on the sidebar and follow me if you've got your own!**

Yesterday I also attended a Resume Workshop, which is an hour long session that teaches students how to form a good resume. After you go to the workshop you can schedule an appointment with a career counselor at career services and they can talk to you about your resume and tons of other things. I'm bringing my resume next week and talking to them about finding an internship near home for this summer.

My March callender in my planner looks like my pen threw up on it, but that's good because, aside from class assignments, most things on there are fun and exciting things I can talk ALL ABOUT when I write for you haha. Some possible future exciting things? scholarship fair, acepted students academic day, my career appointment, the rugby ball, and more! So obviously keep checking back for more fun stuff and CLICK THE LINK IN THE LAST POST between the 18th and the 31st. THANKSSSS!

Enjoy the break, I'm sure I'll update before it's over.

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