Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well we thought it was spring

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been a little longer than usual, I didn't want to distract anyone from clicking my scholarship link by adding more posts, but that's over now. I'll let you know how it turns out if it goes well. I've also been SUPER busy and still am, which is why I've been slacking.

Last weekend was a good one for sure. Rugby ball was friday night and we all had alot of fun there, dancing and singing and such. Saturday was my birthday! I turned 20, which I still can't believed. It was probably the more beautiful day we've had this semester so far, and all of us were outside in shorts and t-shirts and flip flops. I spent the morning cleaning a little and baking a birthday cake with my friends (I love homemade cake). Then we went outside with everyone and lounged on blankets, took pictures, went for a walk, listened to music, ate cake (my parents sent me one in the mail :]) and played a great game of wiffle ball. Later a big group of us went to dinner at Koto, a hibachi place nearby where they cook your food in front of you. It was SO GOOD. We got back to campus for cake and nightime fun with everyone who stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. Overall a great time.

Sunday it was rainy and I spent all day inside, mostly doing nothing but eating Chinese and watching TV, with a little homework. My roommate returned from LEAP, a retreat we do here, and she was telling me about it before we got to bed and prepared for another week. It's been pretty rainy here since Sunday morning, and we're pretty sure we see some snow flurries every once in a while. We're hoping for more of the warm weather, but until then we're waiting out the rain.

I hosted another student for lunch yesterday and I hope she had fun. I think she did (we had cupcakes so that's always incentive for a good time). I'm super busy this week with alot of work, a bunch of meetings and tings to write, another career appointment tomorrow, and tour guide training tomorrow too.

THURSDAY IS ANOTHER VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE. Last week's went really really well so I hope more of you attend this one. Don't be afraid to ask us questions, we love it! This Saturday is also an open house, accepted student open house. There's two this year and the other is on the 18th. I hope ALL accepted students come to one because it's definitely a big help if you're not sure about SMC, want to learn more, or just want to spend more time here (who wouldn't). I'll be up early and out on Rt 15 screaming and greeting students as they pull in, so look for me. I'm also shadowing a tour later in the day to help learn how to do it. If you see me, don't hesitate to say hi or that you read my blog or anything, I won't think it's creepy, I'll be pumped. I'd love to put some faces to my readers anyway.

I think that's all to say for now. I'm hoping to update again later this week so I'll have more to talk about then. Here's some pictures from the lovely weekend, and other than that peaceee.

rugby ball playing outside birthday friends

matching and more matching


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