Friday, July 30, 2010

can you do a post on some of the tips new students learned on the POW trips for those of us who couldn't attend? thanks!

A lot of the tips and advice that comes from POW depends on the person who is talking about each subject. I would give different advice than another student on the same topic.

There are 6 different talk topics on POW: Adjusting, Belonging, Drugs/Alcohol, Relationships, Academics, and Spirituality.

The student leader who talks about each topic relays his or her experience to the first-year students in a way that helps to give a little advice and to make the students feel more comfortable.

A lot of what it said is that you will all do fine and have a great year, as long as you are careful to hold to what you believe in and never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. You will find friends and find your place, and there's so much support here from professors, coaches, and friends, that the academic section is all about how much work you put into it.

I know this was a little vague, but every POW is different. If you have any specific questions, or are worried about something in particular, let me know!


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