Tuesday, July 27, 2010

what types of storage units do you think are the best to get for the dorm room? also can you name some tips for organization and time management? thanks :]

You've asked the right girl! I'm crazy organized and LOVE things I can buy to hold my stuff hahaha.

In terms of storage containers, there are A LOT of options, as I'm sure you already know. In my freshman year I had an under-the-bed box with wheels that slid under my bed and was great for little things like extra toiletries, items I didn't need all the time, and random things.

I also have some little colored square containers and use them for socks, leggings, belts, dishes, whatever. In my closet, I have hanging shelves for my clothes and my shoes, which take up very little space and create so much more room for my clothes (I have A LOT of stuff and hangers/dressers aren't enough for me hahaha)

After freshman year I did away with the under-the-bed-box and got a new storage container that is two pulled out drawers stacked on top of each other with a table top surface, so it's like another dresser almost.

I got most of my stuff at IKEA and Bed Bath and Beyond, so those are great places to look.

To stay organized, just try to make sure you always put things away when you're done with them, so your stuff doesn't pile up. I do a clean sweep of my room every Sunday, because I tend to be out of my room a lot on weekends and it gets a little messy.

Buy a planner from staples or some other office store and use it to keep track of your assignments, meetings, practices, etc. It's the best way to have your whole schedule portable and in one place.

Time management is all about knowing how much you can handle in a day. Don't take on too much at first, ease yourself into first semester because it's a lot of new stuff at once. You'll do fine! Let me know if you have more questions!

Hope this helps :]

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