Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did July go?

Hey all,

Ok so it's only mid July, but it seems since I've had so many formspring questions lately, I haven't actually written any original posts. So, let's update on what I've been doing shall we?

July 4th was really fun here in Burlington. My friends and I spent the entire weekend together eating a lot of treats, swimming, going to the beach, and being outside. The weather was perfect all weekend. We also all went to the fireworks down by the waterfront. It was super crowded but we snuck ourselves onto the rocks on the shore just before the show began, and it was so good!

I also went strawberry picking a few weeks ago, right before the picking season ended. I came home with 2 pints of strawberries, and so did my roommate, so our fridge was pretty full. I'm looking to go back out and pick again now that it's blueberry season, and I LOVE blueberries.

Last weekend I had the most amazing time taking part in a POW program for SMC. POW stands for Pre-Orientation Weekend, and it's a chance for the incoming class of 2014 to make some new friends in the upper classes as well as their own. It's one of a few programs SMC offers for incoming first-year students. I was able to be part of the talk team, giving a talk on relationships and college. The students were amazing and I'm not sure who is more excited for orientation in the fall, us or them.

This past weekend was pretty quiet for me, since many of my friends were away on another POW or on vacations. However, it wasn't quite as quiet for Burlington. The Vermont Brewers Association hosted the Brew Festival down at the waterfront this weekend and, since I'm now 21, I got a ticket and went with a friend. It was a really fun ways to have little samples of some beers I've never tried before. AND my friend and I were able to attend a beer and chocolate pairing, which was surprisingly delicious.

I've loaded up on brochures and am preparing to write a post about what you can do when you come to visit Burlington, especially in the summer, so anyone looking to come up for a visit to SMC should look out for that soon!

I'll leave you all with some photos from my recent escapades and, as always, if you have questions you can leave them here, facebook, my email ( or anonymously on my formspring page.


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