Monday, April 25, 2011

5 Must-Have Experiences before Graduation...How Do I Match Up?

So I came across this blog post on the USA today college blogs website (thanks to Mairead for tuning me in to it).

As you see, the post lists 5 experiences every college student should have before graduating. Since the big day is growing ever near (ew) I thought I could look back and comment on how well I accomplished these "must have" tasks.

1. Take a class because it's something you're interested in, not because it's required.
I know I'm not the only one at SMC that has been able to take courses that are not in my major, but that's not really what this says. This says because you're interested. I'm happy to say that the number of electives I have taken is ridiculous. Among the best are my Men and Masculinities class that I am currently taking, and two courses I took while abroad in Italy: Sociology and History of the Italian Mafia and Food and Culture in Contemporary Italy. Yes, those are real. And yes, I learned a lot!

2. Travel
The discussion on my courses transitions nicely to this experience. I have definitely traveled! I lived in Florence, Italy, for a semester, and while I was there I did a ton of traveling. Places I've been? Florence, Rome, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Viareggio, Bologna, Naples, and Pompeii in Italy, Dublin and Galway in Ireland, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Paris in France, Munich in Germany, and Salzburg and Vienna in Austria (not to mention getting stuck in Frankfurt, Germany, for 2 days!). As a varsity athlete, I've also traveled to many other colleges for competitions.

3. Be a Part of Something Greater Than Yourself
I've been a part of many big organizations on campus: POW, LEAP, MOVE, Orientation, Founders Society, Varsity Swimming. However, this year my practicum course, and thus working with Spectrum Youth and Family Services, has definitely allowed me to be a part of something bigger than myself. I have been able to interact with young men who have taught me so much about the world around me, and my experience with them has been truly life changing.

4. Make Friends Outside your Circle
I can say for certain that I have friends in many different groups. Part of this is being on a team, where I have my friends there. I also have people I spend time with as part of different clubs and organizations I have a part in on campus. And then, of course, I have my close friends, which brings me to the fifth experience:

5. Experience at least one Meaningful Relationship
My friends are some of the most important people in my life, and whether I've known them since my POW (many of my close friends) or living in my dorm or just met them last year, I value my close friendships so much. The people you meet in college really will be many of your lifelong friends, and I'm happy to say that I know who mine will be. Of course, I've also experienced a meaningful romantic relationship with my boyfriend of 3+ years, and have SMC to thank for a lot of who we have each become and who we have become together.

So, I guess a few weeks out from G-Day I'm looking pretty good on what I've experienced at SMC. Stay tuned for more reflections on this big closing time, updates about my life, and fun news on what's going on at SMC.


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