Sunday, April 10, 2011

What can you do at SMC?

Hey all,

I thought I'd pop in with some of the things I've done in the past week, to remind everyone that the things you can do when you're an SMC student are endless!

1. Hear famous bands
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, opened by Barefoot Truth, played at SMC last weekend for our annual spring concert. It was a great time, Grace and the Nocs played an amazing (and long!) set, and it was not only the first time a Vermont performer has been to SMC since Phish, it was also the first time we have had a female headliner!

2. Attend an interview skills workshop AND then interview
This week I had 2 interviews lined up for summer jobs (both opportunities sent to me in SMC campus email) and so I went to an interview skills workshop to get prepared. Two of our lovely career services counselors spent an hour with the group, going over how to prepare and ace and interview (and even how to follow up). I'm pleased to say that I think my interviews went well, so we shall see soon!

3. Watch people do silly things for a great cause
There are always great fundraisers and fun things going on here, and at the end of last week I attended the DREAM Wing Eating Contest. Don't worry, I just watched, but it was hilarious, and I took some video too!

4. Be Cultural
I had 3 opportunities to broaden my cultural and educational brain this week, and all free! On Wednesday I was invited downtown to the Flynn Center by some friends who had an extra ticket to Spring Awakening. They got the ticket with their SMC cultural pass, a $30 all-access pass to any and all shows at the Flynn (crazy, right?) The show was great and it was really nice to get out with friends in the middle of the week.

On Thursday, the Graduate Psychology Program hosted Robert Whitaker (author of Mad in America, which I have read for a class) as a speaker. He spent a few hours talking about schizophrenia and treatment, and it was a pretty interesting lecture (though I already knew A LOT about the topic thanks to my classes).

Finally on Friday I attended the SMC production of Romeo and Juliet. It was full of people I knew, put a modern spin on one of my favorite classics, and featured a same sex couple as Romeo and Juliet. A local newspaper covered the play too!

5. Meet Accepted Students
This Saturday was the first of two SMC Accepted Student Open Houses. As a coordinator for the Founder's Society, I help run the day. I brought coffee in the morning, helped out with the tour guides, mingled with accepted students and their families, and served on a parent panel in the afternoon. I always enjoy meeting people that might read my blog and/or follow in my footsteps as an SMC student. AND I saw one of the families I had given a tour to before, they remembered me, AND Maggie is coming here! So, congrats to all of you accepted students out there! If we saw you this weekend, I hope you had a good time. If not, maybe this coming weekend? Either way, I hope you find a place you can call home soon!

That's just a little of what I did this past week. What's up for this upcoming week? Dinner at my professor's house (he's cooking!), Ben and Jerry's free cone day AND a potluck with friends, dinner with the Founder's Society coordinators and our advisers (on them!), an SMC knight chat, and SMC night at Pizza Putt (think Chuckie Cheese but for college).

For anyone who has asked a Formspring question lately, I haven't ignored you and I will get to them soon. Check back soon for that and tons more fun!


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