Sunday, November 30, 2008

the airport and I are doing some bonding

Hello hello

So it's Sunday night and I should be back at school by now but unfortunately I'm still home (I mean not so unfortunate but kind of since I have class in the morning that I am obviously not going to). After getting to the airport, waiting in line, waiting for a plane, having my flight cancelled, and waiting in another line, I'm back at home with a ticket for tomorrow night's flight. OH THE JOYS OF TRAVELLING.

So I'm planning to spend most of the day in the airport tomorrow, being on standby for earlier flights to try and make it to school in time for practice. Otherwise I'll be getting in to VT around 7. Anyway, thought I'd update on that little bit of my life since flying or driving or the trains or buses will be part of every one's lives come college traveling time. Talk to you soon (hopefully).


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