Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Irie Mon

Hey all,

So I'm back from an amazing and truly relaxing spring break in Jamaica, sitting in the suite and feeling a little scatter brained but that's ok for now. I figured I'd come share my thoughts and that way maybe I won't think quite as much while I'm trying to go to sleep (after I unpack, because typically I still haven't).

So Jamaica was a really really great time. Basically I sat on the beach, ate a lot of food, swam around, and such was life. We met some really cool people and had an unforgettable time. AND I learned to dance like the natives and to speak like them too (the title of this post basically means that it's all good and there are no worries). I think that Jamaica was the perfect place to go and try to extend my relaxed LEAP feeling from a few weeks ago. With a SUPER busy week coming up, I'm hoping I can keep that up.

This week is packed with a few papers, a presentation, meetings, swim lessons, a BLOGGER CHAT, and the normal everyday work. I'm also going to try and make a conscious effort to run every day too, because I've been feeling way too lazy and lethargic for my taste. Meanwhile I feel like I've been scrounging for good blog ideas and coming up just short. I've found a lot of other higher-ed blogs and sites that I've been checking out, but so far no inspiration for my own posts. But in case you were wondering, things on my mind include:

Getting a car
This cool new thing called the New York Times Skimmer
Nailing down a summer internship
Finding summer housing
Getting my grades up a bit
Wanting to work for Rough Guides or Travel Channel and go back to traveling
Schools where I can get my MSW and what I want to do with life


Because, honestly, who isn't excited for birthdays. Mairead's birthday is on the 30th, just after mine, so make sure to send her lots of birthday cheer on her day too!

I'm sure I'll check back in before the big day, so if anyone has anything to spark inspiration in me, any burning questions in your soul, or just a comment, let me know!


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