Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i didn't realize that the roommate form was first come first serve so i mailed it semi late... now i'm nervous i'm going to get whomever is left over.. :/

Don't worry! Only pre-orientation trips such as POW and WOW are first come first serve. The rooming forms won't be sorted through until they all come in. Once that's done, you'll get matched up as best as we can with someone who answered the questions similarly to you. SMC does a really good job matching people up with roommates. I loved my roommate freshman year and so did almost all of my friends.

Also, as an extra bit, if you do end up having trouble with your roommate, never fear! There is a 2 week housing freeze, and then you are able to change rooms if you really need to. Your RA will be able to help you through any trouble you might have, but chances are, your experience will be great!

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