Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I loved following your blog while you were abroad! what was it like to go to italy with so few people from smc? (I'm going to be a sophomore and I still creep your blog hahaha)

So many props for the blog lately, I love it!

It really wasn't bad going abroad without a ton of SMC people. The point of the experience is to make new friends and break out of your comfort zone, and that's what I did. My 3 SMC friends in the program lived in different apartments, so we saw each other in class, walking the streets, and out at dinners and parties.

I became so close with my roommates and two other friends that they were like my SMC family away from home. We did all of our traveling together, ate meals together, and explored the city together. It's a lot nicer to come back with a close bunch of new friends than to only have the people you went over with. Of course I missed my people back here, but it was a lovely reunion when I returned.


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